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Company Profile

Wuxi Lineprinting Meterials Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the development and application of new materials including high-performance soft magnetic materials, printed electronic materials and nano-imprinting. At present, the company has two main manufacturing bases in Wuxi Huishan and Jiangxi Ji'an, with more than 400 employees. Among them, Huishan headquarters is the development and production base of the company's new materials and key components, and is responsible for a number of localization projects. The company's existing five wholly-owned subsidiaries, three holding companies, and one shareholding companies have formed a high-tech innovation enterprise group with new materials as the core, involving mobile smart devices, smart life and automotive electronics and other related applications. 

Lineprinting attaches great importance to technological innovation and patent accumulation, and has applied for 175 related patents, including 77 invention patents, involving high saturation (Bs) amorphous nanocrystalline materials, 5G EMI electromagnetic shielding materials, ultra-fine circuit technology, Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic(LTCC) technology and related devices and applications. The company's end customer groups include well-known domestic and foreign brands such as APPLE in the United States, Samsung in South Korea, Huawei, Xiaomi, Hikvision and CVTE. Guided by technological innovation, the company has become a core supplier in the global smart terminal field.

Lineprinting has vertical integration and service capabilities from materials to devices, complete set design and manufacturing capabilities, master key customer resources and insight into market trends, and promote new materials with an integrated "material-device-application" model in the field of electronic industry. Relying on the company's advantages in material technology, the company has developed into a leading enterprise in the domestic wireless charging field, and is continuing to challenge hard technology, vigorously develop miniaturized devices such as molding power inductors, and promote the process of localization of key materials and components.

Company Milestone

  • 2012

    Founded and focused on R&D of soft magnetics & nano impriinted technologies
  • 2013

    Successful mass production of ferrites for NFC and wireless charging applications
  • 2015

    The first in China to realize the commercialization and mass production of NC
  • 2016

    Entered into Samsung supply chain & provided  NC and RX for wireless charging
  • 2017

    Completed the reorganization and laid out a wireless charging ecological chain
  • 2018

    Began supplying TX for Xiaomi and super-thin EMI & NC materials for  A SCM
  • 2019

    Passed Huawei’s audit and applied 1.4T high Bs materials on RX of Mate series
  • 2020

    Finished A-Round financing of $50.4 million, and started molding choke project
  • 2021

    Started biz with Samsung(Tx) and Vivo(Rx&Tx), $64.5 million A+ round financing
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