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How Wireless Charging is Integrated into our Lives

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We have all at one time endured sitting on the floor waiting for your phone to charge.
Carrying a phone charger is normal in modern life. But advancements in wireless charging technologies has enabled integration of wireless charging in our lives.

It is aimed at making life more comfortable as you cut the cord since you can walk up to a charging station and place your phone instead of using a charging cable.
Our homes have seen the most significant transformation with wireless chargers since many phones have compatible charging pads for faster charging. But it is not restricted at home.
Wireless Charging in the Hospitality Industry 
Restaurants now have wireless charging hotspots that offer the customers convenient charging on a daily basis. Some coffee chains like Starbucks have adapted this technology in some of their coffee houses. Hotels, schools, and municipalities have also integrated wireless charging.
Marriot and Kube Systems are among the hotels using Qi charging pads in their bed furniture and lobbies. We have schools like Saline High School in Michigan, that is also using wireless charging for iPads, tablets, and smartphones. It helps with the issue of lost chargers and brings convenience to teachers and students.
Wireless Chargers on Furniture wireless charging furniture
You will also find wireless chargers incorporated on furniture like Ikea which offers Powermat solutions.
The charger can be integrated into the arm where you usually place your phone while watching TV or on a dining table so can charge your phone when taking breakfast or dinner. You don’t have to remember to charge your phone since it will always have power. Powermats are also installed in kitchen countertops.
Kicking it up a Notch with Electric Cars
Inductive charwirless charging carsging has proven useful to electric cars since you don’t have to hassle with wires to recharge the batteries. With companies like Plugless and WiTricity, EVs have a magnetic resonant disc place in the car’s undercarriage while another is installed in the ground like in a parking spot or garage. The car will charge wirelessly just by parking on top of that spot.
Disposable batteries are the most common type for most electronic devices. From Mp3 players to remotes, flashlights, etc. They are not rechargeable, so they end up in landfills.
The question is; has technology advanced enough to replace AA batteries? Ossia AA batteries have managed to invent the first wireless charging AA alternatives. Known as the Forever battery, it has the flexibility and capability of getting rid of disposable batteries.
The health industry is not being left out. This sector has made incredible milestones with medical implants. These implants treat conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, and heart rhythm disturbances.
Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a system known as IVN (In Vivo Networking). It works by delivering radio waves to implanted devices. It saves patients from invasive surgeries and waiting for long periods to get the devices recharged.
There are lots of remarkable benefits of wireless charging. We have found ways of integrating this technology into our lives starting at home to commercial and public places, health industry, and electric vehicles. It is without a doubt becoming a staple owing to the use of more smart devices that call for the elimination of messy cables.

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