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Company Profile

Shanghai Lineprinting Materials Co., Ltd. was established in August 2012 with a registered capital of 136 million Yuan. It was originally founded by China Aviation Technology International Holdings Co., Ltd., and is an innovative enterprise based on electronic printing technology and special flexible board manufacturing technology. After just six years of entrepreneurship and rapid development, the company has developed into a specialized enterprise group that provides core materials and modules for the electronics industry.

2017 is the first year of Linepringting's next five-year plan. The company has ushered in a new stage of development. The listed company Holitech Technology Co.,Ltd participated in the strategic restructuring of Lineprinting and became a strategic investment partner of Lineprinting. The reorganized Lineprinting has expanded its layout in the wireless charging field and is gradually becoming a vertical integration provider in the field of wireless charging. The business areas cover wireless chargers, complete solutions for receivers and transmitters, and core nano-crystalline materials.

In addition, the company also has dozens of holding or shareholding companies such as Linepringting- Xintai Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai ADEL Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Quantum Vision Electronic Co., Ltd., providing perfect upstream and downstream product chain services for domestic and foreign customers. The product and service areas involve additive FPC, large-screen touch modules, and semiconductor packaging and module segments. Relying on the strong technical background of AVIC, Lineprinting has formed a relatively mature solution in printing electronic new materials, additive flexible circuits, RFID antennas and inlays, and nano-micron imprint technology.

Unique technology advantages, leading technology is a solid foundation for our development. In the new stage, Lineprinting will rely on listed companies to have more powerful resources and development platforms. With the integration of strong capital and advanced technologies, we firmly believe that the power of science and technology will bring about tremendous changes. We hope to develop into a leading company in the industry and a globally competitive high-tech group.

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